Types of Termite Treatments Redbank Plains

There are numerous ways that a homeowner can conduct termite treatments Redbank Plains. The choice of which treatment method to use, however, depends on the extent of damage as well as the number of termites present in your home. Many companies usually provide free quotes and evaluations. You can as such take advantage of these companies to get the estimation of the final cost. The cost of termite treatment also depends on the types of termites that are available in your home.


Common Types of Termites

One of the common types of termites is the subterranean termite which tends to live about 3-4 feet from homes. They generally occupy the foundations and the area between the foundation and the Tesco. They usually leave mud tubes which act as a sign of their presence. To treat these type of termites, the inspector has to get rid of the tubes first and then drill around the foundation before injecting an organic pesticide into the foundation through the hole.


The second type is the drywood termite. They are usually attracted by wooden structures that are decaying. In light of this, you should get rid of any and all dry rot around your home so as to keep these termites at bay.


They usually leave fecal pellets as proof of their presence on window sills and floorboards. They can live covertly in homes for up to five years before you start to feel their presence.


Treatment methods


Liquid Chemical barrier

This is one of the most common methods of treatment that involves killing and repelling termites before they invade your home. Those that are outside the structure will be repelled effortlessly. But for those that are already inside the structure, things are not as straightforward. As a matter of fact, as a result of the disturbance, they tend to organize new colonies.

Those that were in the walls as you were applying the liquid chemical; die from dehydration since they lack moisture.


Non-repellent liquid treatments

This treatment method does not feature any chemical use. For this reason, most persons prefer using it. However, the fact that they do not contain repellant chemicals means that your building is not safe from termite infestations in the future. You as such have to conduct annual inspections every so often.


Termite baits

This is an environmentally friendly method that tends to lower the costs of termite treatments. In this process, homeowners are required to install bait stations in strategic areas around the house. They will have to monitor the stations as well. When the termites come close to the bait stations, they will meet their death. The treatments can last for long periods of time.


In addition to the above-mentioned Termite Treatments Redbank Plains, you could also treat the soil around the concrete and pier. This will not only kill the current termites but also protect your home from future infestations.