Top Termite Treatments Springfield

A termite infestation is one of the worst things that could happen to your home. Termites may seem peaceful but they are destructive and annoyingly persistent. They can cost you thousands of dollars in home repair if you do not deal with them fast. That said, to get rid of these pests, below are some top Termite Treatments Springfield rules you need to consider.


Get In Touch With An Expert Exterminator

The very first time you notice any signs of termite presence in your home, including wood shaving and wood holes, it is imperative that you get in touch with a professional termite exterminator immediately. Seeking to stop the termites by your own means can blow up in your face given their persistent nature. The harder you try to force them out of your home the more likely they are to spread.


Effective Extermination Has Many Faces

Truth be told, it is a difficult and daunting task to kill these creatures. Termite Treatments Springfield most often than not entail a lot more than just spraying or sprinkling some glorified chemicals. For effective extermination, the queen has to be eliminated. An experienced exterminator with locate the nest and kill the queen. Then he will proceed to eradicate the remaining colony in the house using specialized foams or sprays. Bait stations will also have to be located all over the house and yard depending on the extent of the infestation. The Termite Treatments may seem severe and intense but they will provide a lasting solution.


Most Termite Infestations Occur During The Warm Weather

Most often than not, most homes are infested in spring or summer. This does not, however, mean that termites do not surface during the cold weather. During the warmer season, swarms of termites are looking to feed and store food for the colder seasons. As such, you should be on high alert of any signs of termite infestation during the warmer months.


Termites Do Not Inhabit Basements Alone

Most termite species, including the subterranean termites, dig the ground and access homes via the basement or foundation. But this is not the only way they can gain access into your home. Other termite species like the dry wood termites can fly and can easily gain access to your home through the attic or kitchen and inhabit any room in the house.


Regular Treatment Is Recommended

After the first Termite Treatments Springfield plan, it is wise to monitor your home for termite presence using a professional pest control company. Unlike lightning, termites could hit your home twice. In case you are wondering, it will cost you far less to take termite preventative measures than to undergo a full-fledged termite treatments program.


Exercise Caution

Once you lay your eyes on a single termite in your home, rest assured there is a whole colony close by or worse still in your home. Do not provide termites a breeding place. Hire a professional pest control company today.