Tips For Termite Protection Springfield

Prevention is better than cure. With regards to termites, it is better, easier and a whole lot more cost efficient to prevent their invasion than it is to eradicate Termite Protection Springfield tips that will help you. Many of these tips are DIY activities that business and homeowners alike can get done on their own.


Store your wood away from your home

Termites are greatly attracted to debris, firewood, dead trees, and mulch. They are to termites what candy is to most kids. As such, to avoid attracting termites to your home, store the aforementioned elements away from your home or any wooden structure on your property. In addition to storing them away, it would be even better if you could store the debris and firewood above ground. This will make it harder for the termites to get to their food.


Cover and ventilate attics and crawlspaces

There are two elements that termites need to survive – aside from food of course. These elements include water and light. Get these elements out of the equation and you will get rid of termites. To do this, ensure that crawlspaces and attics are ventilated properly to help keep the areas dry. Covering these areas with opaque materials will help to keep the light out of these hidden areas that termites love to visit.


Trim shrubs and foliage away from your house.

Keeping all shrubs and foliage well-trimmed and a distance from your house will hinder the termites from directly accessing your house.


Fix leaking pipes, faucets and roofs

Moisture that accumulates in these areas attracts termites as well as other pests from far away and cause you a great deal of trouble. Now not only will you have a spike in your water bill and pipes to repair, you will also have to deal with repairing a termite damaged home.


Seal holes and cracks in the siding and foundation

Cracks and holes, needless to say, allow pests to gain access to structures. Sealing up these cracks and holes makes it all the more harder for the pests to gain access to the inside of your home and wreaking havoc.


Keep wooden structures away from the soil

As earlier mentioned, termites will be greatly attracted by wood and especially wood that comes in contact with the ground. Using concrete supports as well as treated wood will help to keep the termites at bay.

With these termite protection Springfield tips, you should have your home termite proof for the most part.


However, in the event you already have a termite problem in your hands, it is very important that you contact a professional termite exterminator to handle the problem for you, fast and with great efficiency.