Termite Treatment Swanbank: How To Stop Termites From Attacking Your Home?

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As Australia becomes populated, so does the demand for new housing and with that is the increased pressure on termite colonies to find new food sources to feed off. When termites are left in their natural habitat, they are willing to stay there for a long time. But because of urbanisation, termites will search for new homes that will include timber, which means that they may seek your home as their new home.

It is estimated that 85% of detached homes in the country are built with timber where termites live. As a result, termites can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of the house. Also, homes that are mostly built with steel and cement can be a victim of termites as they may contain some timber components.

Keep in mind that termites mainly need three important components to survive which are:

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas are appealing to termites. A leaking pipe or gutter can attract these pests.

How to prevent termites from attacking the home?

Timber material can be found everywhere which means termites can be there if the material is sufficient enough. Termites opt for dead trees or timber that is lying around the yard. Wood, paper or cardboard material are food sources for termites and the timber is placed near your home, the chances of having them inside your home will increase.

To prevent termite infestation make sure to:

When your termite problem gets tough, you will need the help of an expert in termite treatment Swanbank. They are well-equipped to help you prevent termite infestation.