Termite Treatment North Tivoli – Signs Of Carpenter Ants Nest and Infestation

termite treatment north tivoli

Carpenter ants are attracted to sugars and protein, and your home can be their place to find their food. If you suspect that they have already made a colony, look for carpenter ants warning signs.

Should you call a pest control specialist to get rid of carpenter ants? You may need the services of pest control experts as these type of ant can damage the wood structures of your home. Unlike termites, these large ants do not feed on wood, rather they damage it to make holes that lead into their tunnels.

How do you know if you have carpenter ants in your home? Here are signs you have:

There are simple ways to eliminate the ants by:

While the process of getting rid of these ants look easy but if you have an infestation the problem may be bothersome. You can get rid of this pest problem by contacting an expert inĀ ant and termiteĀ treatment North Tivoli and have your home be free of pesky ants again.