Termite Treatment Karana Downs: Pest Control Contract – Is It Needed?

termite treatment karana downs

When you call for a pest control service to treat pest infestation in your home, do you need to have a contact for pest control? Some pest control companies offer service contracts for buildings or houses that need routine treatment for a particular pest. It may be necessary to have a contract in some situations such as warehouses that receive constant pest infestation.

In most cases, routine pesticide treatments in and around your home are not necessary except when there is a persistent pest infestation and non-chemical methods have failed to stop pest. Pest control service arrangements between the company or individual and the homeowner should include periodical inspections, but pesticides should not be used unless the pests are present and cannot be controlled by other means.

Commonly, professional termite treatment Karana Downs is guaranteed from one to five years. It is important to know what the guarantee covers and if there is a yearly inspection charge. Also, know if the pest control company is responsible for any structural damage if the treatment fails to stop the termite infestation. The guarantee is only as good as the company that offers it.

There may be some things you should before, during or after the treatment and your cooperation is needed. They may ask you to remove personal items from the floor, empty the area that will be treated and make sure the area is ready before they arrive. They also ask for your children or pets to vacate the area until the pesticide spray has dried. Good cooperation between you and the pest control company will help eliminate pests and reduce pesticide use.