Termite Treatment Ebbw Vale – Steps To Take When You Have Termites In Your Property

termite control ebbw valeOk, now that you know that there are termites in your property, what should you do now? Here are some steps you can take:

Don’t disturb them!

You may be tempted to get a can of bug spray in hopes of stopping termite infestation, but this move is not helpful and not recommended. Once you alarm them, their immediate reaction to that procedure is to flee back to their nest for escape. That does not stop termites as they will come back when they sense it is safe.

Using bug spray will only drive them away and when you call for termite treatment Ebbw Vale, they do not have the chance to know the kind of termite and would be difficult to catch them in other areas in your home.

Have an expert inspect your property

Having an expert in termite control inspect your home is a good step to take. This will allow you to see the full picture of the extent of the infestation and get the best termite treatment options. These professionals are fully equipped to detect termites and provide effective termite solutions.

Use expert termite treatment

Once the technician found the areas in your home and garden that have live termites, they will provide you with termite treatment options. Usually, their initial treatment is to apply a controlling agent to live termites to stop the activity immediately.

Pest management plan

This is necessary to ensure your home will be pest free. Your local pest control expert can provide you with a suitable termite management plan. It includes preventive measures to stop them.