Termite Treatment Chuwar – Do Tree Stumps Attract Termites?

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Tree stumps are not only hazardous but also attract different kinds of insects, especially termites. While the tree stump is decaying, it makes a perfect home for insects and wood-boring pests.

Since the stump is in your yard, you may not mind them getting pest infested, but one kind of pests you want to avoid living in those stumps are termites. The termites living in the tree stump in your yard can eventually spread to your home in search of a place to create a bigger colony. Pest infested stumps can also affect the health of other healthy trees around in your yard. which can affect them in the long run.

So how can you treat termites in a tree stump?

The best way to get rid of arboreal termite nests in the stump is to break it up into small pieces on the ground to expose them to black ants and die in the open air. For termites in the centre of the tree or stump, you will have to drill holes and inject a non-repellent poison to exterminate the termite activity.

The dangers of leaving tree stumps in your yard are endless. It is best to have them removed in your yard to prevent attracting pests and damaging your property.

Can termites return after treatment?

Yes, termites can return after treatment that’s why it is important to have a pest control expert do periodic pest inspection to your property, especially when you live in the area known for its termite problem. Experts in termite treatment Chuwar may recommend you to create a barrier around your home that will prevent termites from returning. You may consider getting a termite bond to protect and maintain a termite free property.