Termite Treatment Basin Pocket – Who’s Responsible For Pest Control In a Rental Property?

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Landlords and tenants are somehow in a battle when it comes to paying for termite treatment Basin Pocket. But who really is responsible? The truth is, both should be equally responsible. Understanding their responsibilities will help them in keeping their environment free from different types of pests and without ending up in any arguments.

Landlord’s responsibilities

As a landlord, your responsibility is to prevent any type of pests and not just termites in your property. It is your responsibility to contact a termite control professional on an annual basis and to get rid of pests when they arise.

It is your responsibility to remove termites, mice or rats, wasps or bees nests, cockroaches, and any other type of pests especially when there is an outbreak. It is also your responsibility to remove pests when the tenants living habits is not the cause for the arrival of the pests.

Tenant’s responsibilities

As a tenant, you should be responsible for preventing termites and other types of pests to come on the property. You need to maintain clean living conditions that will hinder pests from getting attracted to the apartment.

If you own a pet, you need to make sure that they do not carry fleas and ticks. Also, make sure to seal all rubbish disposal units to hinder pests from getting attracted to the area.

You should also address moisture problems since termites can easily create a suitable breeding ground inside a house if they get the right opportunity.

All in all, landlords and tenants share equal responsibility in the prevention and eradication of termites and other pests.