termite protection redbank plainsTermite Protection Redbanks Plains: Termite Myths Debunked

It goes without saying that termites are a nightmare to all homeowners. The last thing that any homeowner wants is to have their home eaten away by termites. In light of this, many turn to the internet to learn more about these pests and the best way they can safeguard their homes from them.


Now the internet has made the world a global village and has lots of useful information. However, it is also important to point out that some individuals use this same internet to spread myths; in this case, myths about Termite Protection Redbank Plains. To help you separate the facts from the myths, below are some of the myths debunked.


Termites Are Part Of The Ant Species

Termites are not and have never been a part of the ant family. Many people refer to termites as ‘white ants’ which sort of indicates that they are part of the ant family which is wrong. The ‘white ant’ name is quite misleading. That said, pest control methods used on ants cannot work on termites.


Termites Die During Deforestation

Generally, insects are highly resilient. Termites are no exceptions. When forests are destroyed, instead of dying, they move to find new sources of food. In their search of greener pastures, they could very well come across your home’s foundation and decide it is perfect for them. As such, when you are moving into a home that is close to a forest that has been recently cleared, it is imperative that you have the house inspected for termite infestation.


Termites Can Eat Through Concrete

Termites are strong insects no doubt about that. But they are not strong enough to eat their way through concrete and slabs. They can, however, find their way through; they are after all tiny and resourceful insects.


You may not notice these cracks at first, and it might even be after a professional inspection that you notice the cracks. To safeguard your home, it is best that you seal off any cracks you might have on your wall.


Termite Treatment In Your Neighbor’s House Causes Termites To Migrate Into Your Home

Termite colonies are large. Several homes could be sharing a single termite colony. A termite protection treatment in one house could cause the termites kick into high gear and become more active but cannot cause termites to shift into another home. The chemical treatment around a home cannot allow for this. They will be dead before they can cross through.


Termites Have No Place In The Ecosystem – They Are Just Destructive Pests

On the contrary, termites are very useful insects in the ecosystem. They play the part of natural recyclers and help maintain balance in the ecosystem. They break down dead wood in forests and convert them into nutrients that the plants can use to grow.

Trouble is when they start feeding on the wood in your home. Then they turn into destructive pests.



Whether you are in the search for a termite protection or just need an inspection, you will need to have a professional company to hold your hand through it all. Give our friendly customer care a call, and we shall be more than willing to come to your rescue.