Termite inspections in Ipswich might reveal that your property is in need of pest control. In this case, you need to act fast and come up with the proper treatment against the issue you are dealing with. And one of the most commonly used methods to overcome termite infestations is indeed fumigation.

Through fumigation, you can achieve the definitive extermination of insects in all their biological stages (whether they are found as eggs, larvae or grown insects) and this covers termites, too.

Fumigants are substances that act in the form of gas. They are excellently penetrable, and at certain temperatures and pressures they become lethal to insects and rodents. Due to their properties the gases penetrate the mass of wood causing the death of the insects. We use them when we can not control an infestation through other repressive methods and in places like horizontal warehouses, containers, silos, wagons, ship holds, vacant spaces, home furniture, and instruments that are impossible to use other insecticides.

Their main component is phosphine. This is a gas fumigant released from Phosphorus Aluminum and Phosphorus Magnesium. It affects the cellular metabolism of woody insects either from the body or from the respiratory tract. The effect of phosphine lasts from 3 to 10 days, definitively eliminating the termites from any place they had been growing.

All fumigants should be used by qualified professionals. They should have an excellent knowledge of their properties and safety measures for humans and animals. For maximum effectiveness, an integrated program of disinfection and hygiene should be implemented to prevent, control and combat.

In every fumigation application, what matters most is the sealing of each space to prevent gas leakage. For this purpose, special polystyrene nylons are used which prevent the gas from escaping. As you can imagine, termite inspections in Ipswich can be a really demanding task. Therefore, you should only trust the experts and make sure that you get the optimal result.