Termite Control Karana Downs – 5 Signs To Alert You of Termite Infestation

Without saying much, let us dive right into signs that will warn you of termite infestation in your house. A point of caution though; when you notice any one of the below-listed signs, it is important that you call in a Termite Control Karana Downs professional company.


  1.      Annoying Clicking Sounds

If you didn’t know, now you know; termites are such noisy eaters. If you place your ear close to the wood, you can hear them munch away at your wood. In addition to this, you might hear some banging in your walls. The noise is caused by soldier termites banging their head against the wooden walls to warn the colony of impending doom.


  1.      Flying Termites

This is usually the very first sign of termite infestation. These flying termites are known as alates or swarmers. They are the termites that have left the nest to find mates and set up new colonies. These new colonies are usually not far from the original colony. Some flying termite species are attracted to light and come out at night and others that come out during the day. The dry wood termites, however, tend to swarm only after the rain and in specific times of the year.


Discarded wings can also serve as a sign of termite infestation. Why or how you ask? Well, once the flying termites find mates, they lose their wings and ‘settle down.’ The female and male termites after pairing up crawl into nesting sites, seal themselves off from the world, mate and start a colony.


  1.      White Ants

One of the most common mistakes people make is confusing termites with ants by calling them white ants. It is understandable why one would make such an error since, after all, they are notably similar in size, shape, and some instances even in behavior.


But regardless of these similarities, they also sport uncanny differences. For instance, termites are creamy or white in color while most ants are dark. Ants feature bent antennas while termites have straight antennas. Also, the waist of termites is significantly thicker than that of ants.

In all this, it is imperative to remember that there are no white ants. If you ever spot what you think to be a ‘white ant’ on your compound, you just might have a termite problem to handle.


  1.      Hollow Sounding Timber

Termites feed on wood starting from the inside and work their way to the surface. They eat the core and most times only leave the paint. Given their eating habits, when you knock on timber that has sustained termite damage, you will notice a hollow sound.


Most people who got in touch with trusted Termite Control Karana Downs professionals first learned of their problem this way.


  1.      Termite Droppings

This is an important sign when it comes to drywood termites especially. The drywood termites do not construct their tunnels with feces. Instead, they push out their droppings resulting in a dark powdery covering around the infested area.


Once you have made any of the above observations, be sure to reach out to us – one of the best termite control companies in the region to help solve your problem permanently.