Rodent and Termite Treatment Leichhardt – How To Stop Rodents From Coming To Your Home

rodent and termite treatment leichhardt

Rats and mice will also be looking for food and shelter which your home can give them. However, these rodents are not a good company to keep. These pests will damage your home and even spread diseases, so it is very important to stop rodents from even coming to your home.

Australia can be a breeding paradise for these pests especially during the hot summer months, so when the cold season comes expect that there will be more of them searching for a new home. Before that happen, make sure to seal off any gaps or cracks that these pests can possibly get through.

Common lines where these rodents can get through are plumbing gas, air conditioning, heating, electrical and communication lines. Make sure that there are no gaps open since it is easy for rats to squeeze through it. Test if a pencil can get in, and if it does, assume that a mouse can get in too.

Types of Rats

There are two types of rats in the country, the black rat and the brown rat. Another rodent pest that is common in the house is the house mouse.

Rats and mice are very persistent creatures and if they gain entry to your home, they can chew the home’s insulation and damage the walls and floor joists. They can also cause a fire by chewing on electrical cables and cause diseases.

Rodent Signs

It is easy to determine if your home has already been infested by rodents even though they are nocturnal pests. Rats and mice love to chew on any materials they find. You may find signs of their presence if you find their tracks or gnawing signs, rub marks, and droppings.

At the first sign of their presence contact your rodent and termite treatment Leichhardt to eliminate the threat of having them around.