Pest Control Quote White Rock – Pest Myths That Are Really False

pest control quote white rockThe internet offers a lot of pest information, but you have to be sure you are getting the right information from reliable sources. We take a look at common pest myths and clear up any confusion.

Myth #1 – Cheese as prefered mice or rat bait. We usually see cheese used as bait for these pests. The fact is mice and rats can eat most foods. They often attracted to nuts, seeds and even cotton wool for building their nest.

Myth #2 – Pests only attack dirty homes. This is not really true. Pests do not choose the homes they attack as clean homes can have pest problems. All pest look for a place where they can find food and water which your home can provide. In the case of termites, they are attracted to the wood structures of your home and they do not care if your place is clean.

Myth #3 – Bed bugs are found only in hotels and motels. While you can find these parasitic insects in hotels, motels, and other accommodations, they can be carried to your home through your luggage. Once they enter your home, their favourite place to hide is your mattress, bedside table, and other dark hiding places around your bedroom. They can also hide in family rooms and other areas.

Myth #4 – Brick homes are safe from termites. This is false. Termites are known to attack wood structures and the wood in brick homes can attract termites. Remember, even the smallest amount of wood in a brick home will attract termites. Cracks and expansion joints in concrete slabs can their way to get inside your home.

Myth #5 – Pest control sprays found in supermarkets can solve your pest problem. Well, it depends. These pest sprays that you can buy from the supermarket can be useful but only for a relatively short period of time. Without pest control experience and expertise, sprays will not likely be effective if not applied to the right areas and with the right quantities. Proper use of these pest products is key, especially when the pest problem gets out of hand. Also, storing the spray in the wrong place can be a health hazard to your family. It is better to get a pest control quote White Rock and let a professional do the job for you.