Pest Control Quote Walloon Tips In Identifying Termites And Flying Ants

pest control quote walloonTermites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes. When they are left unchecked, their colonies will continue to grow and you may end up renovating your property. But how do you determine the difference between termites and flying ants as they look almost the same? However, they are also different in appearance. Here are some ways to tell them apart.

Difference in waists. Ants have narrow waists which look like an hourglass shape while termites have broad waists.

Difference in legs. Ants front legs are larger than their back while termites have equally sized legs from front to back.

Difference in wings. Ants have short wings that are proportional to their body while termites have long wings which are twice as long to their body.

Where do termites live?

Termites need soil to gain access to moisture but they also need wet wood. Wood that is in contact with the ground can easily be attacked by termites. However, if the soil does not meet the wood, these termites can create mud tunnels or tubes to reach the wood. They can also enter concrete slabs or where utilities enter the house.

Termites mostly create distinctive tunnels called tubules to easily gain access to their food sources. This tubules also protect them from the open air as they need moisture to survive. Their main food source is products that contain cellulose.

These pests can really be a big problem for any homes, which is why getting rid of them should be a priority once they are found. Look for a reliable professional and ask for the best pest control quote Walloon for your termite problem.