Pest Control Quote Tivoli: What You Can Do To Your Termite Problem

Termites are known for their destructive behaviour. The challenge of having a termite infestation is that you won’t even know that they are there unless they have already created a colony and have destroyed your wood.

pest control quote tivoliThese crawling insects are causing billions of structural damage every year, and it is time that your home gets protected from them. You can do something before you call a professional and get pest control quote Tivoli. Here are some ways to know if you have an infestation:

Know when they come. Termites usually swarm during the early months of spring. During this time, hundreds of winged termites will search for a new home and although only a couple of these winged termites will survive, they still would be able to create a new colony possibly in your home.

Inspect your home foundation. Take a tour around your house’s foundation and inspect for any signs of damage. While they do not eat concrete but if they are already infesting your foundation, you will find mud tubes that is an indication that they are already inside.

Check your crawlspace or basement. Pay close attention to corners and edges and search for signs of any damage. You can also try the thumb test where you will press your thumb into the wood and if it gives away, you may have a problem.

How to help your home:

Maintain proper ventilation. Your attic and basement need proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, condensation can build up which can create mildew in time. Make sure to properly place a good ventilation in these places to stop termites from being attracted to live in them.

Call your pest control specialist. As termites are often difficult to deal with and may be hard to kill especially if they have mostly created a big colony, find a pro to deal with your termite problem. Remember that these insects are not ordinary so you will need someone who is more knowledgeable in dealing with them immediately.