pest control quote silkstoneAnts may just be tiny but they can still pose a threat and also create challenges when removing them. Most of those who attempt to rid ants on their own find themselves unsuccessful since ants are social creatures.

As they mostly live in colonies, you may be eliminating some of them but not all of them. Ants are naturally good at surviving and the truth is, we can’t eliminate them completely. However, when you get the help of a pest control professional you may have better chances of eliminating most of the colonies and your home will be safer from them once again. Ask for pest control quote Silkstone for ant infestation.

If your home is invaded by carpenter ants, eliminating them is more difficult as they are also difficult to identify. However, carpenter ants thrive in warm, damp weather and if you see worker ants or frass that could be an indication that carpenter ants are already on your property.

The first thing you need to do if you think that carpenter ants are invading your property is to check any areas that you think have moisture. They are mostly active at night as they forage for food so you can follow them while they grab a snack on their way to their nest.

Prepare borate compounds with the food that they will bring back to their colony so that when they come back, they can give the food to the other ants as well as the queen. Borate will naturally disrupt the digestive system of ants and can help in destroying the colony.

This process may take some time to take effect but it is still possible to eliminate the ant colonies. However, if you want to remove the colony right away contact a pest control professional to do the job for you.