Pest Control Quote Riverview Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away In The Winter

pest control quote riverviewWhile most people think that they are safe from mosquitoes during winter, this is not true. Mosquitoes actually do not die even if it is cold. They can mostly survive during the colder months, but don’t worry because you can control mosquitoes and prevent them from hatching when spring comes.

Understanding mosquitoes

During the winter months, these mosquitoes overwinter in the egg stage as the female deposits its last batch in a safe place. The adults will die while the eggs will not hatch and will enter a state of diapause until spring comes. The eggs will start hatching when spring comes and their cycle begins again until winter comes back.

How to remove mosquito eggs on your property.

Inspect your property. The best way to make certain that mosquito eggs are not on your property is by inspecting it now. Check for water-holding items since these places are great harbourage areas for these pests. Check for grill covers, flowerpots and places where water is collected.

Make time to fix and repair. Check for areas where you will need to fix and repair such as a leaky faucet. You should also make sure to drain the water on wheel barrels and tire swings, and so on.

Protect yourself. While it is still winter, and there may not be mosquitoes around, you should still apply insect repellent especially if the temperature does not get much colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit since there is a chance that mosquitoes are still around.

Remember that mosquitoes are dangerous insects as they have been the cause of millions of death around the world. It is important to guard yourself against them and if you suspect that there is a possible infestation contact your pest control specialist and ask for the best pest control quote Riverview for your pest problem.