Pest Control Quote Raceview Tips In Getting Rid Of Ants In Your Kitchen

pest control quote raceviewAnts are one of the most common pests at home and it seems like they are very difficult to get rid of. But there are still ways to avoid them from coming in your kitchen, here are some ways to help you get rid of them:

Cinnamon. Once you know where the ants are entering, simply sprinkle ground cinnamon on that area. You can also sprinkle ground cinnamon on the ants you find as this can effectively kill them. You can also create a drawing line so that the ants can’t cross it using a cinnamon essential oil.

Other ways to get rid of them:

The use of traps

You can also buy traps in the supermarket as this can kill ants when used effectively. Brands that you can use are Terro, Grant’s Kills Ants, and Raid.

Terro works like a food and when the ants pick them up, they will bring it back to their colony where the rest will slowly die after ingesting the food. Grant’s Kills Ants also prevent the ants from coming back. Raid, on the other hand, works as a deterrent as you spray cracks and crevices.

For major ant infestation contact a pest control specialist to help you get rid of those colonies right away. There are many pest control service professionals out there so look for the best pest control quote Raceview for your ant problem.