Pest Control Quote Purga – How Termites Infest A House And How To Get Protected

pest control quote purgaJust because your home is made of bricks that you don’t need a pest control inspection since this is an assumption for most homeowners. In fact, you may need to consider checking your home for termites because even if termites do not eat bricks, but they do eat what is inside your home structure.

What do termites eat?

Every home has materials in your home that can attract termites. Here are what they mostly feed on:

Cellulose. These are organic material that is commonly found inside trees, shrubs, plants and grass. While some termites eat grass, they mostly eat wood materials or dead plant matter.

Most homes contain wooden frames even those that are made of bricks. Those who are creating a new colony will burrow into the wood inside your home and you will not even know their presence until they have done significant damage.

They are mostly attracted to the cellulose found in drywall, wallpaper, sheet rock, cardboard boxes, and even piled old newspaper. These pests will chew and chew until the frame becomes hallow or just gone. Remember that homes are prone to termites especially if the conditions are right. Give them damp, humidity and darkness, and these termites will eat to their heart’s desire.

How to get protected?

Termite infestation can be avoided though especially if you protect your home right from the start. For new homes, you can include a pest control professional to apply chemicals to the wood to make it resistant to termites. They will mostly create a barrier treatment that they will apply around the perimeter to make it protected from these pests.

For old homes, better have a proper maintenance check for termites so you avoid having these termites around. Ask a termite control specialist for pest control quote Purga for your termite problem.