Pest Control Quote Pine Mountain – How To Protect Ventilation Holes From Mice and Rats

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Mice and rats are known for their ability to squeeze even through tiny holes. They can easily fit through anything even unprotected ventilation holes in the roofing eaves.

Sad to say, a lot of homeowners do not know that these holes exist in their home because they don’t commonly see it. These holes are used to provide proper ventilation in the attic and if it is unprotected or already worn out or damaged, this can cause a new set of pest problem since you are giving rodents free access to your home without you knowing it.

How to protect your ventilation holes

Of course, there are still other places where rodents can enter your home. Make certain that you also trim and prune all the branches that are contacting the roof since rodents can easily climb trees. If the branches are touching the roof, there is still a possibility for rats to enter your home.

To make certain that your home is safe from rodents contact pest control specialists so that they can provide you with the right solution and prevention for this type of problem. Always ask for pest control quote Pine Mountain before you hire one.