Pest Control Quote North Ipswich – Ways To Stop Ants From Infesting Your Home

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Ant infestation can be a real challenge and you will need an effective plan to win the battle. There are some things to be done like fixing and cleaning up your house and yard.

Unlike other pests problems that will need expert assistance, you can control ants effectively especially if the problem is not yet an infestation. Here are some ways to stop ants from infesting your home:

Tree pruning – You need to remove or cut back some tree branches that may be reaching your home. Ants and even a number of different pests can use these branches to infiltrate your home. If there are tree branches overhanging your roof or touching the wall, this can be a bridge for a variety of pests and even rodents to get into your home. Contact a tree trimming service to have these branches removed and keep ants away.

Keep mulch far away from your house exterior – As much as mulch are great flower beds but if it is touching the exterior of your house, you have to remove it. This can also be an access point for carpenter ants to invade your home and as what you most know with these ants they can be very destructive.

Check your gutters – Gutters have multiple purposes for ants as this can be a good way to get their food source and they can live there too. Make sure to clean your gutters since if they leak and overflow, you are giving ants another access point to your house.

If all else fails, then the best way to deal with your ant problem is to use pest control service. If you do have an existing ant infestation that needs professional help, do not hesitate to get pest control quote Ipswich from a reliable service providers.