Pest Control Quote Newtown – What To Do When You Find Beehives In Your Property

pest control quote newtownNot so long ago, bees have been considered as pests but now different ways have been considered to help these insects survive and thrive. Honeybees, most especially are given great consideration and in cases when homeowners find them in their property and want them removed, pest control professionals who can safely handle them with care and place them in a good environment are called in.

The change in tune for most conservationist when they found out that a Colony Collapse Disorder is happening in bees which makes the majority of the worker bees abandon their colony and leave the queen to die. Only a few nurse bees remain to keep the hive alive and if they cannot survive the changes the colony dies.

When the queen dies, pollination becomes a problem and plants and flowers also die. While the cause behind CCD is not fully recognised yet, but researchers think it could be due to parasites, pesticide poisoning and changes to their habitats that can add to their stress.

Keep in mind that most of our favourite food plants depend on being pollinated by these honeybees. We rely mostly on them and if they become extinct and so as most of what we eat. Beekeepers have also seen a decline in bees over the years and this is alarming.

How can you help in saving bees?

Bees are not your pests and if we can help them in any way we can, please do so. If you are starting a garden, make sure to choose plants that bloom at different times of the year so your garden can attract more of them. As much as possible do not use or just reduce the use of pesticides.

If you do not have a garden and find a beehive on your property, do not remove them and just let them be. If you do not want them on your property, contact a specialist so that they can remove them safely and place their colony in a much suitable location. Look for the best pest control quote Newtown for your bee problem.