Pest Control Quote Kholo – How Do You Get Rid Of Silverfish?

pest control quote kholoSilverfish is one ugly insect and finding them in your home could really give you that disgusting feeling. While they are pretty harmless, but seeing a lot of them could mean that you have a bug problem that needs attention.

Silverfish are mostly grey or silvery in colour and have carrot-shape bodies with antennae sticking out. They mostly come out at night and move fast. While they don’t bite or spread disease, they will infest on starchy stuff such as cereal boxes, paper, glue, and dry goods. While they do not create large structural damage like termites, they can eat and make holes in clothing and other textiles.

So how do you get rid of silverfish?

If you find them in your house and you want to get rid of them the natural way, you can use sticky traps, poison meant for them, or by placing a bread inside a jar wrapped with a tape as the silverfish will climb inside and they won’t be able to get out.

Seeing one silverfish in your home once in a while is not a big deal, but if you find them in great numbers, then you have to contact a pest control specialist to have them be removed right away. You may want to look for the best pest control quote Kholo for your silverfish bug problem. You can also discourage these silver scaly insects from being comfortable in your house by: