Pest Control Quote Karalee: Signs You Have Bed Bugs Problem

If your bed is now controlled by bed bugs, you might be thinking how are you going to sleep tonight? Is there a way to salvage your bed and get rid of these pesky pests?

You have to make certain though that your home is now infested by these bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs can be difficult to find and some don’t even know how they look like despite their growing presence in homes. pest control quote karalee

Bed bugs are notorious bloodsuckers. And as you lay down and sleep at night, they will crawl on your bed and infest on you while you sleep.

If you find any of these symptoms, you may have been bitten by bed bugs:

• Red welts
• Itching on the bitten areas
• Bite rash on the bitten areas
• Straight lines of a couple of bites

Once you confirm that you have been bitten by these pests. Find any physical evidence of them in your room. Search for:

• Bed bug shells
• Fecal spots on your mattress
• Blood stains on your mattress

If you feel that your home is being infested by bed bugs, do not delay and call the experts and look for the best local pest control quote Karalee. Bed bugs are very difficult to control and if you do not act right away, they may just multiply and infest on you even more.

A recent study has even concluded that bed bugs are becoming difficult to get rid of as they are growing resistant to chemical pesticides. Now, experts in pest control are recommending not just the use of chemical pesticides but non-chemical approaches such as killing them with steam to fully eradicate them.

As you do not have the tools and the right equipment, better contact your pest control specialist to help you in your quest to getting rid of these bed bugs right away.