Pest Control Quote Flinders View – Signs You Have Ground Bees In Your Lawn

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Ground bees or mining bees can play an important role in your lawn by pollinating your plants and aerating the soil. However, an army of bees may make you feel uncomfortable, especially when you see harmful species of bees or wasps start flying into the holes.

These tunnelling insects can cause mayhem in your household. Here are signs you have ground bees in your lawn and when to contact your local pest control company.

Signs you have ground bees

Mining or ground bees live in the ground and create holes approximately 1/4 to 1/2 on the ground. Small piles of dirt appear in these holes. and you’ll apparently see more of these holes around the area.

There are different types of bees and wasps that live in the ground but wasps tend to be aggressive. Some bees and wasps are friendlier than others but they tend to be aggressive when their nest is approached. If you see wasps creating holes in your yard, then you will want to call your local pest control services right away.

How to identify mining bee

You’ll have to observe the insect activities in the holes. If you only see one or two bees coming and going, then it’s probably a ground bee. Also, ground bees appear to be smaller than other species of bees.

Where and when to look

Like other types of bees, the ground bees gather nectar and pollen. They can be found near flowers and flowering trees. They dig their holes in the dry soil and dislike wet areas.

Ground bee holes are noticeable during the early spring. The best time to watch for them is during the day when bees are active. See if they’re harmless ground bees or the dangerous type. They should be gone once the spring nesting season is over.

Remember, when these insects become a problem for you, call a pest control expert right away. Get pest control quote Flinders View for your pest problem.