Pest Control Quote Coalfalls – Ways To Know If You Have A Termite Problem

pest control quote coalfallsTermite infestations can create significant damage to a home. In fact, termites have been reported to cause more than $5 billion in structural damage every year. If you do not want to be part of that statistic, better maintain your home and get rid of termites right away. You may need to hire a pest control expert for the solution.

Termites can already be on the walls of your home and severely damage its stability. Here are some ways to know if you have a termite infestation:

Swarmers. Swarmers mostly invade during spring as they fly inside your house. They mostly find places where moisture is present or for structures that have sustained damage. Once these winged termites have found that your home is great to live in, they will start their colony which will be the start of your headache with them.

Discarded wings. The swarmers who mostly found the light inside your house will have discarded wings as a sign that they have found a suitable place to stay in. You will mostly find them near windowsills and doors.

Wood damage. Over time, you may find wood damage such as rotting wood or a hollow sound on wood when tapped as termites make the wood as their main source of food.

Frass. If you have drywood termites, you will mostly food wood-coloured droppings after infesting their food source. This frass will mostly look like pellets inside or outside the house.

Mud tubes. Termites also create mud tubes as this is their way to create moisture which will allow them to further their colony and gain access to their food source. They are most commonly found near the home’s foundation.

Finding termites inside your home should not be taken lightly, once you find them, contact a pest control specialist since you have to get rid of them right away to save your house quality. You can find the best pest control quote Coalfalls for termite removal.