Pest Control Quote Churchill – How To Control Fleas In Your Home

pest control quote churchillFleas can make the life of your pets miserable. These parasites are bloodsuckers which can cause irritation and rashes to your animals. In severe cases, they can even transmit diseases such as the Bubonic plague and typhus.

Fleas can also cause problems to humans especially when they feed off from another host such as a human or another animal. Some people are even allergic to fleas and may have to find means combat them. This is where a local pest control expert can visit your home and find means to eliminate fleas and help your animals. Ask for pest control quote Churchill for your pest problem.

Help your pets

Bring your pets to a veterinarian if they are infested by fleas since they give your pets the appropriate treatments and medication available for them.

How to control fleas

These pests mostly get their nutrition from their host animals and can live for months without food. If they have moved from their host and hid in carpets or other parts of your home where you might not see them easily, you and your family may be in trouble.

Part of the job of a pest control specialist is to inspect both the interior and exterior of the premises and to determine how bad the infestation is. Then a treatment will be made by spraying to all susceptible areas such as around furniture, carpets, skirting boards, garden beds and grassed areas.

Your pest control specialist may even recommend doing the procedure again since flea eggs can survive for weeks. During the treatment make sure to help the specialist by cleaning the house regularly and checking your pets if they still have fleas.