Pest Control Quote Bremer – What Are Carpenter Ants And How They Can Invade Your Home

pest control quote bremerPests are mostly hard to deal with. They are persistent creatures and would not want to go away especially if they made one area of your property their home. The same goes for carpenter ants. You may have to ask a professional in pest control for help if you want to remove them permanently from your property as they are very hard to get rid of.

Carpenter ants are blackish in colour and vary in sizes but they are usually large with 1/4 -1/2 inch. Just like termites, carpenter ants presence will start once a swarm of winged carpenter ants come inside your home in the spring. If you find them also inside your home, this can be an indication that they are nesting somewhere inside your property.

Carpenter ants can nest in moist and dry wood but prefer moist wood between the two. Nests are more commonly found in the wood where water leaks are near, such as around sinks, bathtubs or areas near window and door frames, roof leaks and chimneys.

These pests can create homes in different locations and can create havoc in your home if you are not careful with them. They can potentially damage the integrity of your home as long as their colony is active. To make sure that these ants will stop the damage that they are creating, the best you can do is call a pest control professional. Look for the best control quote Bremer for your pest problem.

Make sure the pest control professional locates the nest area since if they just apply a perimeter spray treatment around the outside foundation of the house, it is likely that the ants will come back.