Pest Control Quote Booval – How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs In Your Home?

pest control quote boovalDo you know that there is a likely chance for a popular hotel or a suite room to have bed bugs than just the regular rooms? And, you may not even know that these hotels have bed bugs. If you love to travel a lot, better be sure that your room doesn’t have bed bugs because if it does, it is likely that these pests will travel with you as you go back home.

How to know if you carried bed bugs into your home:

Itching sensation. If you are having some rashes that started with itching, then it could be the first sign. Unlike mosquito bites, a bed bug rash is itchier. However, the itch will just last for an hour or less. This is because of the anesthetics in the bed bug’s saliva which prevents the blood from clothing before they suck on your blood. The rash can be felt after an hour after the bite. But there are cases when the rash appears a few days or a few weeks later.

Odour. Bed bugs have a distinct musty, sweet-smelling odour which these pests release. Search for this smell under the headboard and mattresses of your home or of the hotel where you are staying.

How to check yourself from bed bugs before you enter your home?

Once you come home after a travel, do not go straight to bed and lay down. Check your suitcase first. If possible, do not bring your bag inside your bedroom or living room first. Check your suitcase for bed bugs and place your laundry in the washing machine and wash it in hot water to make sure that the pests will die from the heat.

Check all of your items even wooden things since these bed bugs are attracted to wooden items, paper and cloth.

If your doubts become real and your home became infested by these bugs, act right away and call a pest control expert and ask for pest control quote Booval as they know how to effectively get rid of these pests before you become their regular meal.