Pest Control Prices Swanbank: Pest Management For Nuisance Birds

pest control prices swanbankDo you know that while we love birds, they can also be pests at times? Birds can actually cause millions of dollars in damage in property. Also, birds droppings can carry different diseases. Fortunately, there are humane ways of pest control for nuisance birds.

Use visual scare devices. You can easily buy visually scare devices and place them in areas where the birds can see them. A lot of people buy plastic owls or even colourful tapes to scare off birds which works like a scarecrow. But if you do not use this trick properly, these pest birds will come back to your property.

To make this work properly move the devices around your property every three days. Birds are clever creatures and they are stubborn at the same time, if they find that your fake owl is just at the same position for a long time, the birds will recognise this just as a simple background and they will be visiting your home once again.

Use roost inhibitors. Roosting inhibitors are made to stop roosting behaviour of birds. As birds will mostly search for places to land such as on ledges, tree branches window sill, and so on, these roost inhibitors will cover or discourage birds from using their common landing places. The most commonly used roost inhibitors are bird spikes which can be installed permanently and will require little to no maintenance. They are not dangerous or harmful to birds so you do not have to worry.

Sticky chemicals can also be an alternative for bird spikes the can be placed on ledges. This is also not toxic to birds and they can even be used in areas where spikes are difficult to place.

You may also want to ask professionals for pest control prices Swanbank for managing pest birds.  Pest control experts can help you to get rid of your bird problem.