Pest Control Prices North Booval – How To Keep Birds Off Your Property

pest control prices north boovalWhile birds may look lovely creatures, they can also be pests at times. Birds can do damage to your property. Also, there are health risks associated with bird droppings. If you need to get rid of them, there are gentle ways to control them.

Use plastic animal decoys

There are cheap visual scare devices you can get out there. Place them throughout the property or in the bird-infested area. The use of plastic owls can scare off birds and they pretty much work like a scarecrow. But if you do not use this trick properly, these pest birds will come back to your property.

To make these decoys more effective, move them around your property every three days. Birds are not the smartest creature, but when your decoys are at the same position for a long time, the birds will recognise they are fake and ignore the bird scare devices.

Bird roost inhibitors

This bird control product is designed to stop roosting behaviour of birds. Birds look for places to land such as ledges, tree branches window sill, and so on, and these roost inhibitors work to discourage birds from using their common landing places. Bird spikes are common bird control products which can be placed permanently and require little to no maintenance. They are safe to use and not harmful to birds.

You may use sticky chemicals as an alternative for bird spikes and placed them on ledges. This non-toxic chemical to drive away birds is used in areas where spikes are difficult to place.

If your pest bird problem seems tough, you will need a bird control expert. Ask for quote to find out the best pest control prices North Booval you can take.