Pest Control Prices Ipswich – Ways To Keep Bugs Out

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You do not want bugs to get in your home. Keeping all bugs out is not easy and perhaps impossible to bug-proof your home completely. However, you can make it harder for pests to get in. By spending a little time and money on home maintenance and housekeeping tasks, you can greatly lessen your chances of having a serious pest infestation.

Use Doors and Windows Screen

Install and maintain fine-mesh screening to prevent all but the tiniest insects from getting in your home. Make sure all window screens do not have tears and holes. Promptly repair or replace any damaged ones when needed.

Use Door Seals

Fix tight-fitting thresholds and door sweeps to the bottom of exterior doors. Seal around all doors to fill the gap on the sides and top of each door.

Fix Leaks To Avoid Moisture

Moisture can attract pests. Fix any plumbing leaks, however minor, promptly. Make sure your basement or crawl space do not take on water during heavy rains to prevent insect problems. Check your drainage system to ensure it’s properly draining. Also, run dehumidifiers if needed.

Keep a Tidy Property

Keep your kitchen clean. Clean crumbs, sweep or vacuum the floor, and dry spills immediately. Leave a clean sink overnight. Regularly clean toaster, microwave and your stovetop. Take out the garbage.

Store food properly. Use airtight containers to store cereals, grains, rice, and other pantry items. Store opened food packages in the refrigerator. Remember, cluttered home is an attraction to pests. Keep laundry in clothes hampers, clear floors of your belongings and put things away after you use them. Also, keep your yard tidy.

You will want to bug-proof your home to prevent serious bug problem and paying the heavy pest control prices Ipswich when the situation gets out of control. When pest control gets tough, call your local pest removal expert.