Pest Control Prices Flinders View – Benefits Of Creating A Termite Barrier

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Termites are one tough pest to control but if you act as soon as you find them, the chances of eliminating them completely are higher. The problem though is that you might not even know there is a problem until it is too late. The best way to combat termites is to actually take preventive control to save yourself from possibly thousands of dollars just to renovate what they have destroyed.

What are the benefits of creating a termite barrier?

The benefits of creating a barrier will ensure that the termites will not be attracted to your home. It is a proactive step that should not be ignored. However, a word caution for those who are thinking in choosing and installing their termite barriers themselves. Better have a pest control professional do it than you since there is a possibility of inhaling chemical pesticides as you do the procedure. This is why it is better to just ask for help from a specialist as they have all the right tools to use for the procedure.

Types of barriers

There are different types of termite barriers to choose from. Better discuss this with your pest control specialist so that they can recommend the right barrier. You can choose from metal shields, non-chemical and chemical barriers.

Metal shields. This is a popular option for homes who do not want chemical around the home. This barrier is mostly a tightly woven mesh that goes inside the outer walls and also goes under concrete slabs or around piping.

Metal shields are also common for new homes that are still under construction and for homes that are undergoing renovations and extensions.

Non-chemical barriers. It is a good idea to install this in your home during the building process as the PVC will be placed under the concrete slabs and inside the home’s external walls.

Chemical barriers. This is a mixture of chemical which includes termiticide that mixes with the soil around the home. The chemical will create a barrier as it is placed around the home. This is a good option especially for homes that are already built.

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