Pest Control Prices Chuwar – How To Manage Flying Termites In Spring Time

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As the days are getting longer and the low temperature of the winter season are slowly going away, this means that spring is here. However, with the warmer seasons coming, you need to watch out for those annoying pests like flying termites that may come inside your home to create their new colony.

Learning the castes system

While termites do not actually fall into the flying insects’ category, however, since a termite colony is composed of groups known as castes, a small set of termites can do fly for a short time and then they will lose their wings and eventually die.

The 3 castes of a termite colony are workers, soldiers and alates. Out of these three, the alates are the flyers and are given wings. These groups are sexually developed and are considered the future kings and queens of the nest colonies.

Termite Season

When termite swarms, it means that it is the beginning of the termite season. It only happens once a year and the swarming season may be different between each species and country as the season plays a significant role.

The reason why termites swarm

Termites swarm simply because they are now ready to extend their families, and is also part of the life cycle of termites.

During the termite season, the sexually developed male and female winged termites will leave their nests and fly out. And will start a nuptial fight. The female and male termites of the same species from different colonies will mate while flying. After they have successfully mated, they will land and shed their wings to find a suitable place to hide and begin a new colony.

What you should do

Be attentive if you find flying termites circling around your home. Check for possible entrances they may enter and see to it that they do not invade your property. If you suspect your home is a victim of a termite infestation make sure to contact your pest control specialist right away. Pest control prices Chuwar vary so check a few reliable companies and see which one will go with your budget.