Pest Control Prices Bremer – How To Check For Bed Bugs In Your Home

pest control prices bremerBed bugs are real parasites since they will feed on your blood while you sleep. You may even not realize them feeding on you until they have finally established their homes. And by that time, an infestation is occurring.

How do you know if your home is with bed bugs?

Unpleasant odour. These pests will mostly have that sickly sweet mouldy scent which could be a sign that they are in your room and in your bed.

Physical evidence. One big sign that they are already feeding on you is if you see them. While they are small, but you can definitely find them as they are not that good in hiding. A bed bug is a small wingless insect which is smaller than an apple seed. It is reddish-brown and has a flat oval shape.

Casts. These pests will mostly shed their exoskeleton skins 5 times before it becomes a full fertile adult. During their growing stages, they will need to consume blood from you or your pets so that they can shed their exoskeleton and go to the next stage. In a good environment, you will be able to find hundreds of shed skins in one area and may have different sizes depending on the nymphs’ stage.

Where they live. These bed bugs are commonly found along the mattress seam, wood frame, headboard, behind wall hangings, carpeting, ceiling wall junctions, curtain seams or even in the sofa.

In their harbourage, you will find their cast skins, eggs and eggshells and excrement. Once you find these bugs, better contact a pest control specialist since they are highly knowledgeable in the proper handling and elimination of these parasites. Check pest control prices Bremer for your bed bug problems.