Get Pest Control Quote Raceview For Bed Bugs Problem

Bed bugs can be a real nuisance as they are considered one tough pest to beat. Getting a pest control quote Raceview should lead you to remove them permanently in your home. But before you do, here are some ways you handle them yourself.

Remove all bedding and do a laundrypest control quote raceview

A good sign that your bed is already infested with bed bugs is if you see your arms, neck, legs or back with lined bites. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and will crawl on you once they know you are sleeping. You might also find dark reddish smears and moulted skins, the same with that rotting fruit odour. If you do find these signs, remove all the bedding and laundry them in a hot setting to kill the insects.

Bed bugs are difficult to kill so it will need around 120 degrees in temperature and hot soapy water to do the trick.
Do not mix these items with your other clothing towels and laundered items to prevent cross-contamination.

Clean the room

Do extensive cleaning especially with the bed. Vacuum the mattress, bed frame, under the bed and all parts of the bed. Do not leave anything behind especially crack and crevices where bed bugs can leave eggs. Dispose the vacuum content in your outside trash and not open it inside your home.

Wrap your mattress and even the box spring in a bed bug encasements which you can easily buy in home depot stores to prevent them from coming out and to starve and kill them in the process.

Clean the entire room by scrubbing all hard surfaces and scrubbing the rugs. Use a special pesticide design to kill bed bugs in areas you think they might still be hiding.

Don’t let them bite you

You are their main source of food and for sure, if you still have bed bugs, they will eventually get to you. Fortunately, they are a number of bed bugs traps that you can use to intercept this pest but make sure you are not using a lot because this may also be dangerous to humans like the use of carbon dioxide.

If all else fails, get a bed bug specialist

As said earlier, bed bugs are hard to kill and the easiest way to do that is by calling a pest control specialist as they can assess and identify the situation correctly and eliminate bed bugs where they are.