Flea Control Walloon – What You Should Know About Flea Pupae

flea control walloon

If your home has a serious flea problem even after you have already treated your pet, you may need to contact an expert in flea control Walloon to help your pet and your home from further pest growth.

Recognize these facts about flea pupae since they are your main enemy:

Applying liquid flea treatment may not completely remove the pupae. Using liquid treatment with growth regulator and adulticide, the adulticide may kill the fleas and the larva that is crawling around. The growth regulator may affect the development of the existing eggs once they are exposed and they won’t be able to develop normally into adults. The problem, however, is the pupae which are still growing, which will hatch in four to eight weeks.

Oftentimes, people do ineffective flea treatment such as segregating the cat or dog from which the infestation is coming. Because pupae are motivated to hatch when there is activity around them, it best for people and pets to avoid the areas where the flea problem is common. It’s not common for adult fleas to bite people. However, if you decide to remove the pet from the room where there is a serious flea problem, they may leave the pupae cocoons and would probably attack you since your pet is not there anymore.

Call for pest control services when flea removal gets tough. Pest control experts are well equipped to exterminate them and their eggs on all places they could be hiding.