Flea Control One Mile: Is The Landlord Solely Responsible For Pest Control?

flea control one mile

Is the landlord solely responsible for pest control in the rental property? Or the lessee should be responsible for paying for pest control service when pests are infiltrating the property. In most cases, both the landlord and the tenant have equal responsibility. Here are some ways to understand the responsibilities of both landlords and tenants to avoid possible disputes.

Who’s responsible for┬ápest control?

For landlords, they are responsible for protecting their property from damaging pests, which includes providing them with pest control services on a periodic basis and getting rid of pests when they appear.

Pest control is necessary to stop the outbreak of mice or rats, wasps nests, termites, cockroaches and so on. If the lessee notices such pests and they have proven they are not the cause of the outbreak, then the landlord should take care of the situation.

However, this does not mean that lessee has no part in pest control. The renters should always maintain clean living conditions to prevent pests from entering the property.

For example, if there is flea infestation because of indoor pets, you cannot blame the landlord for it and demands for flea control One Mile to have the fleas and ticks removes. Disputing your case may not end well since any infestation coming from the dog is not the landlords’ responsibility.

A clean environment helps prevent pest in the house. Here are some ways to keep pests away from your home.