Flea Control Flinders View: Homemade Flea Treatments You Can Try

flea control flinders view

If you’re still bothered by fleas in your home even after you have made sure your pet treated right, you may need to contact an expert in flea control Flinders View to help your pet and your home from further pest problem.

To get rid of fleas in your home, you have to control the flea pupae since they are your main enemy. Fortunately, there are some homemade flea treatments you can try to help prevent and remove fleas.

Dish soap. Create a flea trap using dish soap and some water. Use a plate or bowl and fill it with a mixture of warm water and dish soap. This solution works as a glue, trapping the fleas due to its high viscosity. Place it in the rooms of your house where you know most flea activities happen and you can do this every day.

Baking soda. Vacuuming is an effective way to get rid of fleas and their eggs. Vacuum cleaning can remove them from the fibres of your carpets and furniture. This flea removal method can further increase its effectiveness by using baking soda.

Put baking soda along with your carpets and furniture, then take a hard brush and rub it into the fabric. Then vacuum the area thoroughly. Don’t leave the contents of the vacuum to prevent fleas from hatching. Put the vacuum bag in an outside trash can.

Professional flea control

The best way to get rid of fleas is with the help of a professional pest controller. It is important that experts in flea control take control of your flea problems in your house and eliminate them on all places they could be hiding.