Flea Control Ebbw Vale: Are Pests Active Even In Winter Months?

flea control ebbw vale

Do you need pest control even in the cold months? Not all pests are inactive during the cold months. Not many insects are active in the winter, but there are insects that feed actively and grow all winter so when early spring comes they come out as adults. Some insects may create havoc in your home even in cold weather.

Common insects in winter?

Cockroaches. These critters can live the entire cold season. Cockroaches need water to survive and so they spend the winter in sewers, floor drains, crawl spaces, and in basements which mostly have connections to your home.

To prevent these pests from infesting your home, get rid of moisture by checking any possible leak on pipelines and fix them right away. It is also helpful to seal possible entry points, making sure you store food securely, keeping your kitchen clean and empty trash regularly.

Fleas. This can be a problem when you have indoor pets. One of the common places fleas are found is your yard. They lay eggs during the winter and hatch in springs. They might not be that active in winter but the fact that they are there they might be hiding on furniture and floor mats.

For flea control Ebbw Vale, start with your pets by treating them with the use of shampoo or medicine for fleas. You should also wash your pet’s bedding and vacuum your home regularly. Also, the grasses in your yard mowed to stop flea eggs

Bedbugs. These bloodsucking bugs are active during winter and can hide under mattresses, bed covers, between seams, the carpet and furniture. Bedbug bites can be really annyoing to your skin, often the bites noticeably red and swollen.

Check your luggage and clothing for any signs of bedbugs especially after travelling to make sure that you do not bring these bugs at home. Also, when you notice signs of bedbugs contact a pest control specilist right away.