Flea Control Collingwood Park – Easy Ways To Prevent Flea Infestations

flea control collingwood parkIf you are a cat or dog owner, catching fleas is a constant effort on your mind. Fleas feed off the blood of animals and can easily become a problem for both you and your pets.

So how do you control fleas? Unlike other pests where you will need the help of a pest specialist to control them, you can control fleas effectively especially if the problem is not yet an infestation.

Here are some easy ways to prevent flea infestations:

Clean the house. Many would consider using a flea bomb. However, this device will cover every target area with a coating of pesticide which can be uncomfortable as you will have to force your family to leave the house for the duration of the treatment. Instead, clean your house thoroughly with a vacuum and a steam cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner is very effective equipment you can use against this type of pest.

Clean the yard. To prevent fleas from infesting your yard, you have to keep your grass short and your trees trimmed. Clear the yard and remove any debris, such as piles of leaves, that might allow pests to make their home. Do not leave clippings and trimmings in the yard. Bag up or burn them as quickly as you can. If you have a compost heap in your yard, it is better to put a fence around it to keep your pets away.

If you think that you have a problem with fleas around your home or property, you may want to call flea control Collingwood Park to help you get rid of them.