Flea Control Churchill – How To Tell Your Pet Is Affected By Flea Infestation?

flea control churchill

Got fleas? You and your pet want to get rid of fleas. Failing to treat your pet, home and yard will likely lead to an irritating flea infestation. Recognizing a flea infestation can often be easy while exterminating their population proves much more difficult.

How to tell your pet has fleas?

Observe your pet’s behaviour. When you see your pet scratch, lick, or bite their fur excessively, check your pet’s fur. Check your pet’s skin for reddened spots and scabs. Your pet becomes more irritable as they try to stop the fleas from sucking their blood through the itchy spots of their skin.

Also, hair loss is a sign of flea infestation. The common area targeted by fleas on dogs is the hind quarters while for cats the head and neck are most commonly targeted.

Flea infested pets can also carry pests in different areas of the home, which could become a problem. Once they get in, they can stay in the carpets, furniture, and even on clothes. All it takes is a single female flea to start infestation as it can lay hundreds of eggs.

Once you detect flea infestation, clean your home thoroughly and have a veterinarian treat your pet. You will have to clean linens and pet beds to make you get rid of fleas.

You can prevent flea infestation when you have your pet checked for fleas and clean them regularly. It is also recommended to call your local pest control expert to discuss the best flea control Churchill for your home.