Flea Control Brassall – Common Insects In Winter

flea control brassal

Often most people ask if they need pest control during winter. But yes, it is important to know that not all pests take a rest during the cold months. In fact, different insects are active during the cold weather and may create havoc to your home.

What insects are common in winter?

Cockroaches. These critters never go dormant so expect them even during winter. They will always be moving and searching for food which is mostly available inside your home.


Fleas. If you have pets, there is a likely chance for fleas to get into your home. They can be on the grass and lay eggs during the winter and hatch in springs. They might not be that active in winter but they are always there, hiding on furniture and floor mats.


Bedbugs. These bedbugs are also active during winter and can hide under mattresses, bed covers, between seams, the carpet and furniture. Once you sleep, they will crawl to your bed and suck your blood until they are full.


· Check your luggage and clothing for any signs of bedbugs especially after travelling

· Check for signs of bedbugs and contact your local pest control for pest control