Flea Control Booval – Facts About Flea Pupae

flea control boovalIf your home is suffering from a flea infestation although you have already made sure your pet is getting the right treatment, you may need to contact a flea control expert to help your pet and your home from further pest growth;

Keep in mind these facts about flea pupae since they are your main enemy:

Doing a liquid treatment may not kill the pupae consistently. When you do a liquid treatment using a growth regulator and adulticide, the adulticide may kill the fleas and the larva that is crawling around. The growth regulator may affect the development of the existing eggs once they are exposed and they won’t be able to develop normally into adults. The problem, however, is the pupae which are still developing. They may take another four to eight weeks to hatch out.

Commonly, people do all the wrong things when there is a flea problem such as segregating the cat or dog from which the infestation is coming. Since pupae are motivated to hatch when there is activity around them, be sure to keep people and pets active in the rooms where the flea problem is common. The adult fleas are actually not interested in making you their next meal and are happy to stay with your pet. If you decide to remove the pet from the room where the flea problem is worst, they may leave the pupae cocoons with them and since your pet is not there anymore, their next meal would probably be you.

It is important that your flea control Booval and you take control of the egg and eliminate them on all places they could be hiding.