Flea Control Blackstone – Signs Your Pet Has Flea

flea control blackstoneFleas are one of the common concerns for pet care concerns anywhere. While prevention is the best defence against flea infestations, it is helpful to know the signs and indications of fleas so can help stop these parasites from harming your pets.

Signs your dog has fleas

Fleas are usually seen on a dog’s belly, the base of the tail and the head. Common signs of fleas on dogs include:

Signs your cat has fleas

It is normal to see a cat scratching but if it is very often and persistently, you should get a fine tooth comb and run it through her fur, especially in the neck and the base of the tail. When you notice fast moving tiny things in her fur, then your cat has fleas. The symptoms include:

Flea Control

Help protect your dog and cat from fleas as they cause anemia or a serious blood loss over time. Puppies or kittens should be protected from flea infestation, where an inadequate number of red blood cells can be life-threatening. There are pets that have strong sensitivity to the excretion of fleas, which can cause flea allergy dermatitis.

Consult a specialist for flea treatment if you suspect your pet has fleas. Flea control Blackstone is important to protect you and your pets from the serious harm these parasites can do.