Effective Options for Drywood Termite Protection Karana Downs

Drywood termites are probably the most common and most notorious termite species there is. They have the potential to destroy your furniture and wooden items fast and in a covert manner. The fact that they do require very little amounts of water to survive unlike other termite species makes them all the more resilient.

The reason drywood termite infestations are the most feared is because they are not visible until they reach to the outer surface of the wood they have formed their colony. By this time, it is usually very late to conduct any preventative measures.


That said, it is important to note that drywood termite infestations can be handled by spot treatments or whole house treatment methods. Whole house treatments are usually necessary when the termites have attacked the structural wood while spot treatments are done only when specific areas of the house for instance furniture or any wooden materials have been infested.termite treatment karana downs

The method used to treat your home will greatly depend on the area that has been infested.



This method is a whole house treatment option. Most pest exterminators have employed this method for many years and has proven to be effective. Fumigation can kill 99% of all termites infesting your home. The process, however, needs about 2 days to achieve its results.


The entire house is wrapped in a tarp to make it air tight. It is important the house is made air tight before the gas is released in the building. The gas penetrates every crack in the wall and kills the termites. While it is highly effective, the gases used are toxic to plants, animals, and humans as well. As such, you will need to vacate the house during the treatment.


Heat Treatment

This is an example of a spot termite treatment. In this treatment method, the affected item is covered with vinyl sheets and polyethylene. Temperature probes are then penetrated in the cover to generate high amounts of heat using a propane heater. This kills all termites instantly. When the target temperature is arrived at, the temperature is dropped fast to prevent any damage to the wooden item.


This method of drywood termite treatment is perfect for porches, attics, and bedrooms. Also, when the persons living in the house have allergic reactions to pesticides, this method provides a perfect option.

Other treatment methods include cold treatment, wood injection, borate treatment, electrocution method and microwave treatment. They all have proven to be effective against drywood termites when performed in the right way by Termite Protection Karana Downs companies.