Drywood Termite Protection Rosewood Tips

If you want to keep your house from experiencing significant damage, it is imperative that you keep an eye out for drywood termite infestation and stop it in its tracks when you notice something is amiss. Drywood termites live and eat wood. Their feeding causes your home to rot from the inside out without you even noticing if you are not very keen. Unlike most pests, termites do not require water to survive. And given that they build colonies in the wood they eat, they prove to be very hard to detect.

Termites make their homes virtually anywhere and everywhere that the temperatures are not cold. To help you prevent your home from a drywood termite infestation, below are some tips to guide your way.


Use Screens

You obviously do not want the royal termites to gain entry into your home now do you/ of course not. But now the question is, what do you do to help stop these tiny insects from gaining entry to your home? Well, a 20-grade screen mesh will work just fine in covering the vents. In addition to this, you can have the screens on the doors and windows to keep the termites out.


Treat the Timber

Some timbers are naturally resistant to drywood termites. Most of these are hardwood timber. This is so probably because they are very hard for the termites to munch through. If you are going to replace the damaged wood, you should replace them with bald cypress and the Spanish cedar. In addition to this, you could very well treat the wood with an insecticide. The insecticide will help keep the termites from feeding on the wood. While most insecticides are poisonous to termites, they have little effect on pets, children, and adults as well.

Lastly, after treating the wood, you should seal off any and all cracks and holes on exposed woods.


Inject the Timber

Certain chemical and products have been designed to be injected directly into the wood. Using such products will help you to avoid damaging the plants while still controlling termites. The benefit of this type of treatment is that you will not have to move out of your home during the period which you will be treating the wood. With spray treatments, however, you will have to vacate your home for a few days to allow the aerosol to leave the house. Breathing in the chemical will have adverse effects.


If the above proves to be quite a task for you to handle with your busy schedule, feel free to can a professional termite protection Rosewood company. If you choose a qualified company, your termite problem will be dealt with promptly.