DIY Termite Baiting – Termite Protection Redbanks Plains

As a Termite Protection Redbanks Plains company, it is more of our job to handle those pesky termites for you. But despite this, we find pleasure in passing on the knowledge we have gathered in this field over the years to individuals willing to learn. This information is invaluable in the face of termite strikes.


That said, the best way you can deal with termites is by baiting them. There are a lot of advantages of using this method, and many consider it one of the best foolproof method if handling termite colonies and other pests as well.


Below are some of the top tips that will guide you in getting rid of the termites. If they do not work for you for whatever reason, feel free to call in a professional termite protection Redbanks Plains Company.


Carefully Select Your Bait

In the years we have been in operation, we have realized that there is a host of termite baits available on the market. However, of these baits, there are those that are more reliable than others. When you are dealing with termites, pests that have the potential to destroy the foundation of your home, you should not skimp on the costs. Choose the top brand bait available as these have higher chances of getting rid of the termites fast. Shop around your local stores or get in touch with a local professional to guide you in the best product.


Mixing The Bait

It is critical that you learn how to mix your bait properly. Many termite extermination attempts tend to fail when the mixing is not done right. The bait should not be too dry or too moist lest the termites are not be attracted by it. Also, you should make sure that the water you will use to mix your liquid is clean and does not contain any contaminants. Termites, though tiny have a keen and sensitive sense of smell and will avoid baits they feel isn’t quite right.


When mixing the bait, make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter. Do it right the first time so that you do not waste any time looking for an alternative solution. You will end up wasting time too which will lead to the situation getting even worse.


Bait Placement

After you have gotten the bait mixing bit down, it is time to set it at a convenient spot. For this, you should consider the type of bait you have. It is a below ground system; you will need to find a place that is away from the flow of water when it rains. If it is an above ground system, you will need a place where it will not be knocked over.


When placing the baits, be sure not to place too many in your home. When dealing with termites, less is usually more. If you know the termite routes, place your bait on their path. On the other hand, if you have access to timber they are feasting on, place your bait right next to the timber.

If you have choosing baits, be sure to stay away from sealants as this will negate the effect of the baits.


Place The Baits With Care

When placing the baits, do not disturb their peace. When you do this, the termites will run away deeper into your home’s foundation, wall, and furniture – just anywhere away from the bait.


Get Help

If at any point you are unsure of the baiting process, or you just are too nervous and full of self-doubt, be sure to call in a professional who will handle your termite issue for you with high effectiveness.


You cannot afford to ignore a termite infestation. The moment you realize that your home has been overrun by these insects, act on them immediately or call in a professional.