Cost Of Pest Control Services Karalee – How To Identify And Prevent Rodent Presence In Your Propertycost of pest control services karalee

As the temperature is continuously dropping, rats and mice are determined to find a place where they can call home. While the summer allowed them to breed, now in the winter they have the right numbers to branch out and they could come to your property to seek warm and dry shelter.

The three most common rodents in Australia:

Black Rat (Rattus rattus). The black rats are great climbers and can be found in many urban places and coastal towns across Australia.

Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus). The brown rats are mostly found in dirty burrows and stay close where there are food supplies in homes and businesses.

House Mouse. The house mouse is often found indoors but can also be found outside near fields and lawns.

How to know if there are rodents in your property:

Droppings. One clear sign is if you find droppings around your home. Rodents are mostly dirty animals who love to drop their feces anywhere they are.

Urine. Aside from the droppings, they also can’t control their bladder too and will leave a very distinct and unpleasant smell wherever they stay.

Dirty marks. They also leave rub marks against hard surface indicating of their presence.

Teeth marks. Rodents also love to gnaw. In fact, they can’t stop gnawing. They will gnaw on anything to gain access to food even o hard objects.

How to prevent rodent infestation

The most effective way to prevent rodent infestation is by giving your home the tender loving care it needs. Always maintain the quality of your house which includes proper sanitation, house proofing, and just good old housekeeping to prevent not only rodents but other types of pests as well.

You may need the help of a pest control professional to help you with your rodent problem. The cost of pest control services Karalee for your pest control needs differs from one company to another. It would be helpful to talk to several pest control companies and see who provides the best service within your budget.